Alex has been painting since his early childhood. He uses mainly oils or the large canvases, but also works in pastel, graphite and coloured pencil, and collage. He usually uses fine brushes and a very smooth finish, even although many of his works are over 120 x 100cm - so they take about a month at least to complete, usually working from a small drawing. His works are frequently semi-abstracted figures, although he produced a series of 3-D effect abstract oils and collage using stereographic cards in the 1970's. Alex is also a very skilled portrait painter, and has created several interesting landscapes over his career.

The works presented are drawn from diverse themes, years and media.

The diverse works presented here are but a fraction of his collection, and represent different developmental periods from his career, which explains the diversity. For example, Alex devoted three years to create about 15 works using the stereoscopic medium, represented here by just one work "Metamorphosis".


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